Helplink Mental Health
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FREE Counselling Online During COVID 19 Crisis

Helplink Mental Health is responding to COVID 19 crisis, for all our communities locally, nationally and internationally,
who are struggling with their mental health/emotional wellbeing.

We are responding by providing the below counselling services online for FREE; 7 days a week
to people’s homes and other private spaces (car, office, shed, barn, while you’re walking, etc.)


  • Free counselling online for people laid off work by the COVID 19 crisis (6 sessions).
  • Free counselling online for people with addictions to gambling, alcohol and/or drugs.


  • Free counselling online for Irish citizens returning home from living abroad – in particular healthcare workers coming home to aid in the fight against COVID-19.
  • Our free online counselling  service for Irish citizens living abroad has also been extended to Irish citizens stuck abroad during these unprecedented times.


You can contact us about these online counselling services by calling 0818 99 88 80 or 091 759887

or email us at for more information.

Furthermore, we have released a mental health and emotional wellbeing information and education online platform early as part of our community response. The platform is called Mind Hacks ( and it provides:

  • video and podcast content, from national and international sources around the topics of mental health & emotional wellbeing.
  • live Webinars (currently under construction), where the public and professionals can learn useful information about the topics of Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing.
  • and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) based training programmes (currently under construction) for healthcare workers, teachers, counsellors/therapists, social care workers / social workers, community workers and more!


Please support us in this initiative by donating to our charity on either:




We would like to take this opportunity to thank The Community Foundation of Ireland for supporting us through their Covid-19 Response Fund.

This fund has supported us to continue and enhance work for our communities during this crisis.


Notes on Helplinks free counselling services:

  1. In the free counselling service for those laid off by COVID 19 clients will be provided with 6 free appointments; this service will last as long as the government asks the public to isolate themselves or until the client finishes their six appointments.
  2. Clients must provide evidence of their status to avail of the free or discounted services. This can be an email/text from your employer saying you have been laid off, it can be a copy of any correspondence from the Department of Social Protection saying they are processing your application, etc; all you need to do is show this to the counsellor on the first appointment; no need to email or post it in.
  3. Clients must have access to a Smartphone, Laptop, iPad/tablet or PC, as we use a free, easy-to-use video/phone app for counselling appointments.
  4. Clients must give 48hrs notice for cancellations/postponements or you will either lose one of your allotted free appointments or may have to pay for the missed low cost appointments.
  5. This is not a crisis service.
  6. We can only support people with mild to moderate mental health/wellbeing issues e.g. issues with anxiety, stress, mild to moderate depression, etc.
  7. Although we provide appointments 7 days a week our admin officers are only available during office hours Monday to Friday.
  8. In general our current counsellors have given up their time voluntarily for this response. However, we have also taken on Master’s level (level 9) students to help with our response.
  9. This counselling services are only available online and we reserve the right to cease the services.

As mentioned above we are not a crisis service. If you are in a mental health crisis here is a link to a list of services that can support you or someone you know; or Text TALK to 086 1800 280 the new Crisis Text Line

If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide or self-harm, during this crisis you should make contact immediately with one of the following:

  • Your local doctor
  • Your local Accident & Emergency department of the nearest hospital
  • Call 999


Other Helplink Counselling Services Available:

Our low cost counselling services for people who are employed are also still available nationwide – see our other services pages for more.

As are our further discounted counselling services for: full-time (third level) students, part-time counselling students, part-time workers (working less then 20 hours a week), single parents, people in receipt of a social protection payments (e.g. Jobseeker’s Benefit/Allowance, Disability Benefit etc.). See our other services pages for more.

  • General Counselling
  • Couples Counselling
  • Youth Counselling (including addiction)
  • Addiction Counselling
  • Bereavement Therapy
  • Parental Support Counselling (replacing our currently suspended play therapy services)