Conflict Resolution Services
Conflict or Dispute Resolution: Online or Face-to-Face

CRC Online Mediation Service

About the CRC’s Online Mediation Service

We provide Ireland’s first online mediation service, because this part of our service is online we can provide appointments across the nation and beyond. The online service is provided at low cost – €125 euro for a half day or €250 for a full day.

Your security is paramount, as a result we use the HIPPA compliant video conferencing software platform VSee to carry out appointments.

For online mediation please speak to your legal counsel as to whether they will facilitate your appointments for you in their office; as this would be an ideal scenario. If they are not able to facilitate this and/or you want to conduct your appointment from a private place then please make sure you will not be disturbed for the duration of the appointment.

Online appointments must be secured with minimum half of the fee, at least five working days before the appointment takes place. This deposit is only refundable if the client/s cancels the appointment minimum 48 hours before it is due to take place.


Centre Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment

Closed: Bank Holidays & 22nd December to 2nd of January


Some Terms & Conditions:

Mediation appointments are provided on a as-and-when available basis. The centre reserves the right to refuse service if clients are aggressive towards staff or other parties before, during or after a mediation appointment.

The CRC, Helplink Support Service nor any of its staff, employees, volunteers or contractors cannot be held legally responsible for any decisions rising from a mediation session provided by Helplink Support Services CLG. Furthermore, all parties must agree, in writing, to fully indemnify Helplink Support Services CLG against any and all legal actions rising from the mediation process.

All parties agree to sign and be bound by all Non Disclosure Agreements and Mediation Contracts provided by the Helplink Conflict Resolution Centre before any Mediation can begin.