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CRC Team

Conflict Resolution Centre Team

LORRAINE LALLY (Head of Mediation Services)

Lorraine is the Head of Mediation Services for our CRC and one of its Senior Mediators. She is also the main developer of the CRC’s schools/community workshop ‘Changing Conflict’. Lorraine holds an LL.B in Irish Law as well as an LLM (International Human Rights) from National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). She is a practicing barrister and mediator who is a member of the Bar Council of Ireland. Lorraine works as a mediator in the area of family law in particular concerning the areas of access, guardianship, and custody in relation to children and separation of couples and co-habitees.

YASMIN MCNELIS (CRC Operations Manager)

Yasmin is the CRC’s Operations Manager, she also is a workshop Facilitator and a qualified Mediator for the centre.  Outside of the CRC Yasmin is Communications Director at the NRM Network, which is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and use of mediation in Ireland, the setting and maintaining of high standards in the industry, and the provision of support to dispute resolution professionals and service users alike. She is also a self-employed Mediator & Conflict Coach. Yasmin is knowledgeable in small business disputes, workplace disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, franchise agreements, pre-mediation preparation & matters of personal conflict & interpersonal dispute.


CYRIL JOYCE (Mediator and Workshop Facilitator)

Cyril is a Mediator and workshop Facilitator for Helplink’s CRC. He has over four decades of experience in financial services operations and management. Cyril holds full accreditation with the National Register of Mediators and has completed the Qualifying Assessment Programme of Beyond Conflict. He also holds Diplomas in Family Law and Industrial Relations. Cyril is a working member of the Kennedy Institute of Workplace Mediation Group, at the National University of Ireland-Maynooth.


Chris is the administrator of Helplink’s Conflict Resolution Centre. Chris joined the Centre in July of 2017 and manages the daily duties of the CRC. Some of his tasks include assisting with the ‘Changing Conflict’ workshop, managing email inquiries, and grant writing. His previous roles include campaigning congressional races in his home state of Ohio and volunteering with the Lake Erie International Model United Nations.