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Changing Conflict

This school/community based workshop was piloted with second level schools in Galway in 2016 and is now being run across Galway City and County in post-primary schools (transition and 5th year classes only) and at third level. The pilot programme is a school based initiative, where our CRC Mediators and Facilitators provide an introduction to conflict management and the skills required to deal effectively with conflict. Participating students gain the skills and knowledge required to understand and manage conflict within a structured educational environment.

The programme was piloted in 2016 awith multiple schools within Galway City – with the assistance and approval of the school’s relevant boards of management and in partnership with the NUI Galway EXPLORE programme. In 2017 the programme was provided to a further three secondary schools and has been adapted to suit community organisations, businesses and government bodies such as local councils.


Changing Conflict – Programme Overview

Aim: To provide conflict resolution training to young people and community groups

The programme can assist people with:

  • Understand similarities and differences (exclusion and inclusion)
  • Understand that perceptions vary and how to avoid bias
  • Understand the nature of communication and the requirement to communicate effectively to resolve conflict.
  • Realise that conflict is present and the need to deal effectively with conflict to ensure that all persons and interests are respected
  • Learn that there is a requirement to engage in mechanisms and methods to resolve conflict
  • Learn to undertake practice negotiation and a trial mediation
  • Gain skills and training in active listening, better communication (two-way), cooperation with others as part of a team, appropriate assertiveness in resolving conflict etc.