Conflict Resolution Services
Conflict or Dispute Resolution: Online or Face-to-Face

Conflict Resolution Centre

Services and Workshops

Our Conflict Resolution Centre (CRC) is a Helplink project that provides conflict management workshops and mediation services locally, nationally and internationally.

The Center’s face-to-face, donation based Mediation Service (based in Galway City Centre supporting people from the West of Ireland) caters for court ordered and self-referred mediations for parties in need of Family, Housing or Community mediation. The CRC also provides Ireland’s first low cost Online Mediation Service, which is available for parties who for geographical reasons etc. cannot be in the same room in order to avail of mediation; the service is available nationally and internationally.

Types of mediation appointments we provide:

Family Mediation

(couples separating or family disputes)

Housing Mediation

(students, social housing tenants etc.)

Community Conflict Mediation

(e.g. neighbour or schools disputes)


(Please donate what you can to help us continue to provide our services)


Workshops we provide:

Our non-profit CRC also provides a much needed schools/community workshop on conflict and bias management. Our workshop, called ‘Changing Conflict‘, is designed to help participants learn about Conflict Management – the theory and some of the skills underpinning it.

The workshop is aimed at second & third level students, community organisations, businesses and government bodies e.g. staff of local city/county councils. ‘Changing Conflict’ is part of Helplink’s wider suite of workshops for schools and the community called ‘Mind Hacks‘ ; see separate page ‘CRC Mind Hacks Workshop’ on this site for more.

NB: As social services advocates and Mediators ourselves, we at the CRC are motivated by the principles of clear boundaries; with respect for privacy and confidentiality being paramount. In our opinion, it is best practice at the beginning of any mediation process to encourage everyone involved in the planning as to the space requirements of all parties in order to encourage a more successful outcome.



Centre Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment

Closed: Bank Holidays & 22nd December to 2nd of January


Some Terms & Conditions:

Mediation appointments are provided on a as-and-when available basis. The centre reserves the right to refuse service if clients are aggressive towards staff or other parties before, during or after a mediation appointment.

The CRC, Helplink Support Services nor any of its staff, employees, volunteers or contractors cannot be held legally responsible for any decisions arising from a mediation appointment provided by Helplink Support Services CLG. Furthermore, all parties must agree, in writing, to fully indemnify Helplink Support Services CLG against any and all legal actions arising from the mediation process.

All parties agree to sign and be bound by all Non Disclosure Agreements and Mediation Contracts provided by the Helplink Conflict Resolution Centre before any Mediation can begin.