Conflict Resolution Services
Conflict or Dispute Resolution: Online or Face-to-Face


Confidentiality and agreements

All parties involved in the mediation process must agree to confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements before the mediation can begin. For both online and face-to-face Mediation once you have booked an appointment a member of the CRC team will email a short form to you; on this you can detail the concerns that you would like brought up at the session. You will also receive a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which relates to parties agreeing not to disclose any confidential information from the proceedings without prior agreement. The short form must be returned by hand or email before (at least 48 hrs) mediation can begin. On the day of your mediation appointment all parties must sign the NDA and an agreement to mediate with your mediator as a witness.

How can online mediation be confidential?

Rest assured that all our mediators are bound by their accreditation bodies’ codes as well as signing up to Helplink Support Services internal code of ethics and confidentiality as such these codes of conduct and confidentiality stand no matter whether the mediation process takes place online or face-to-face. We use the secure, HIPPA compliant (click here for more on HIPPA), video conferencing software VSee in our online mediation service. Your mediator will bring you through the easy to use set up once you have booked, set up instruction is free and usually takes only 5 minutes. The video conferencing programme VSee is an encrypted service, just like your landline phone, this service is used by some of the United States of America government agencies because of its secure and confidential specifications and configuration.

*Neither Helplink Support Services or VSee will record any mediation appointments.

**Helplink Support Services cannot be held responsible for any security software other than our own.

Disclaimer: for online mediation we are not responsible if a party chooses to record a session from their own terminal).