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Marriage/Couples Counselling Galway and Online Nationwide

Helplinks couples counselling Galway offers a face to face service. This service is for marriages and couples who are facing difficulties in their relationship. In addition, we also offer an online service nationwide.

The Goal

The Goal of Helplinks couple and marriage therapy is to identify stresses within your relationship. Furthermore, we want to help you to increase your understanding of yourself and your partner, and learn the patterns of interaction between you. Most of all, we want to help you to identify the patterns that are leading to problems within your relationship. As a result of these sessions, we devise a treatment plan designed to establish harmony and alleviate relationship distress.

The Objective

It is important to know the life you want to build as a couple. Due to this, it is our intent is to work with you to get you there. The aim of our sessions is to restore healthy functioning to your relationship. Most importantly, we want to help you, as a couple, move forward in your lives.

We have two options for couples counselling:

  1. In our Galway City office, we offer face to face appointments for couples
  2. Helplinks online video counselling is available nationwide. We can make this happen from your home/private setting. For this reason, we can even offer this from two different locations if you are apart for work etc.


Some of the areas we work on include:

  • Poor communication (tools and skills will be introduced to achieve results)
  • Trust issues
  • Lack of intimacy (tools & skills will be introduced to establish deeper levels of intimacy)
  • Incompatibility (issues might be explored to establish mutual goals for you to live together as a couple & family)
  • Domestic violence
  • Spectrum of psychological disorders including alcoholism, depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, psycho-sexual issues etc Ref:
  • Maybe you notice that things just aren’t ‘right’, and need some objectivity to explore what’s going on.





The fee for this specialist counselling service is 65 Euro. However, our fee is 60 Euro if both people are in receipt of full-time social protection payments. You can pay in cash for face-to-face sessions.

* Please note if you want to cancel or postpone your session you must do so 48 hours in advance. Consequently, a cancellation fee may apply.